What we do?

We help businesses who deal with linear materials. Most common examples are companies that make: windows and doors; steel constructions; wooden, steel or aluminum fences; roofs; picture frames; and basically everything that uses materials that require one-dimensional cut. We provide a service that optimizes cutting which has several important advantages: waste (=cost) reduction, profit increase, improved concurrency against competitors, fast and reliable price quoting and faster production in general.


Who we are?

We are a small group of talented people. Electrical and civil engineers, software developers, architects, artists and writers. All in all, five people, more or less. Our CEO is a software developer and engineer. We are not owned by anyone and don’t report to any board. We set our goals from what we learn from our customers, still driven by enthusiasm and a goodwill to bring something valuable to this world.


A bit of a history

My name is Pedja and I’m an electrical science engineer and professional software developer. Almost two decades ago, my brother, a civil engineer, came to me with an idea about a software that would help him do the cut optimization of aluminum profiles. He was a manager in a company that produced aluminum doors and windows at a time and one of his responsibilities was to create optimized cutting lists. Another aspect was to provide price quotes to the customers in a timely manner.

The year was 2001 and not much automated options were there on the market so he had to do a lot of the work manually. Our goal was simple: optimize cutting quickly to reduce waste, increase profit, come with a more concurrent price to the customer and also speed up the overall production process.

So, even though I wasn’t such an experienced developer at a time, I decided to give it a try. My brother was using MS Excel on a daily basis, so we decided to go with the MS Excel macro. I soon discovered that dealing with the optimization algorithms can bring you a bit of a headache. But, at the end, I succeeded! We were very satisfied! All of a sudden, hours spent on manual optimization turned into seconds and minutes. Even for the most complicated use cases optimization never took more than 3-4 minutes.

Ten years later, my brother was already doing some other job and my optimization macro was almost forgotten. But, I didn’t want to let my first project fade into oblivion. So, I decided to share it with the world for free, hopefully somebody else may take advantage of it!

The feedback I got over the years was very good and because maintaining and implementing new features in the old MS Excel macro became too hard, I ended up building a brand new, more powerful and more complete solution for online linear cutting list calculator.


Who am I?

The love of the engineering profession, planted and flourished in the earliest childhood, by my father, who patiently built and crafted things using limited tools and materials, but also his extraordinary skills, became a way of life. By combining electrical, construction and mechanical engineering, this love found its way and who knows how many times put science in the service of humanity. Thank you Dad!



Several reasons are for this. First, I built my career on free software. In my professional life I used innumerable things that people created and gave them for free. I’d never become what I am without these. On the other hand, working for years on numerous commercial projects, I learned the sad truth about how many of these projects provided very low or zero value to people. Many started with great expectations and then terminated. Many were never meant to be. So, as an act of deep appreciation, I wanted to give something to the world for free, but not just anything – something of real value, so people can benefit from it.

Most of our users are free users and the money from paid subscriptions we use to move forward. Free users will always be completely free and as you may have noticed we don’t have and never will introduce Ads into the app.

Online & Cloud

New Cut Optimizer

A new cut optimizer is a completely online solution. In practice that means all necessary resources are in the cloud and all you need to have to use it is internet access and account. It works the same on desktop computers and Android or iOS devices. Even though an account is not mandatory, we highly recommend it, because anonymous access gives only very basic functionality. With the account you can create and save projects, preset materials and keep the full history of your work. You can choose between free and paid accounts according to your needs.

We didn’t forget the legacy of our original MS Excel application. That’s why we implemented the UI of the new online app in the similar manner. Also, even though we have paid plans now, the original idea of the free cut optimization is still there. Basic free plan supports everything the old application did, even without creating account on the website. But, unlike the MS Excel app, the algorithm is much faster and gives better results. Not to mention that we’ve fixed all major bugs that existed in the MS Excel app.